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Higher education is always a plus, regardless of what sort of entrepreneurial venture you are pursuing, however, it is not always necessary to start a successful business. College is sometimes expensive and extremely time-consuming. Some people are not capable of attending classes while also sustaining their lives by working. Luckily, while many believe that obtaining an MBA is the key to success when starting a business, there are many contributing factors to consider before deciding to attend school. The following are three, important questions to ask yourself before going after that coveted MBA.

  1. How Do You Learn?

Everyone retains knowledge in a different manner. While some people are visual learners, others respond better to a more hands-on approach to education, but, despite all the different ways to gain knowledge, not everyone is cut out of college. Simply put, attaining a degree just doesn’t work for everyone. Some people learn by actually trying and either failing or succeeding at starting a business, while others achieve success after spending years in the classroom. An MBA program offers entrepreneurs a more structured approach to learning how to start a business, but diving directly into an industry works infinitely better for some. Choosing the best path largely depends on your own unique needs and desires concerning education. The money one person invests in college could be spent to open another person’s first business.

  1. What is Your Industry of Choice?

Certain industries are held to different standards concerning education. Achieving success in, for example, medical fields or private equity will almost certainly require some sort of MBA. On the other hand, the technology and IT industries require far less to break into. It isn’t impossible, however, to break into most industries without an MBA, as long as one retains a passionate drive and interest in whatever industry they’ve chosen. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with the next big software or developmental idea, you shouldn’t limit yourself by waiting until you’ve obtained an MBA to pursue your passions. The degree will always be there to fall back on if you fail.

  1. Which MBA is Best For You?

Many different MBA paths offer a wide array of resources and networking opportunities. There are plenty of different courses of action to take when pursuing an MBA, such as an MBA sponsored by the company that you currently work for or an MBA program that is totally online. There are also accelerator programs, which help lift businesses off the ground, depending on the particular startup idea.


The verdict is, ultimately, no, an MBA is not entirely necessary to start a business, however, whether or not you should pursue higher education is a highly personal decision that should not be taken lightly. Clearly outline your business goals and build a pathway towards achieving them. Doing what best suits your unique life and situation is the best way to start a business.