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Amidst today’s technological world, when businesses are shifting their focuses to the internet in droves, opening a retail store might be a questionable decision for some. Although it may appear that physical, brick-and-mortar stores are dying nowadays, retail stores were, in fact, breathing new life in 2018. If the trend remains the same, 2019 will see even more success concerning actual storefronts as opposed to virtual shopping outlets. Opening a retail store might not be such a bad idea, after all.

Just a few years ago, online retailers began transforming the way products are bought and consumed. Digital marketplaces were booming. Some companies, as a matter of fact, did their business exclusively online. Since the emergence of e-commerce and internet shopping, however, the market has grown diluted, overcrowded, and generally stagnant. Every store has an incredible online presence and staggering social media following. It isn’t hard to get lost in the slush pile of online shopping services. It is this saturation that has driven many businesses to open physical retail stores, and the results, for the most part, have been positive. Getting out of the extremely competitive online economy can be a lucrative choice for some.

As receiving products becomes easier and easier, through the use of next-day shipping and even drone deliveries, customers have begun to value the experience of shopping over the actual products they are shopping for. People are taking an interest in retail stores again, craving the in-store service of yesteryear and opting for human interaction over convenience. When you don’t even have to leave your couch to buy everything you want or need, the sentimental value of products goes down significantly. Simply put, going out and buying products makes those products mean more to the customer. A positive experience is practically included in the price.

Considering the success of stores which have moved from virtual marketplaces to physical space, the trend is expected to progress throughout 2019. More stores are anticipated to open all over the United States, whether they began as e-commerce or other online venture or they’re starting with a retail store. The biggest thing to expect in retail stores this year is a combination of physical tactics and online accessibility. Those businesses which combine both the physical and virtual experience seem to be having the most success.